DJ Kundalini performs her maDJik.
Eugene E~NRG as the Director in the mock doc.

Thee 7th Direction

On the dancefloor
He had to loose himself
To find himself.

Space Between The Gaps Studios presents…

Thee 7th Direction
An independent feature film from
Eugene E-NRG
Filmed in Victoria Australia
Currently in Post Production

Thee 7th Direction is set within the global psychedelic techno trance culture and proposes to fuse the mockumentary and documentary film story structure forms in an attempt to take the audience on trippy journey into the heart of the bush doof dance-floor experience.

Behind the camera is Krusty, a jaded ex-DJ who purports to be making a home movie about his DJ friends. He is the narrator, it's his story, but unfortunately he’s over the bush doof. Hiding behind his little mobile phone camera he follows the antics of two DJs on a light-hearted expedition of buffoonery and artistic intention into the mystical realms of dance-floor epiphany.

Thee 7th Direction documents both the foibles and the greatness of DJ bush doof culture as Krusty attempts to come to terms with the ups and downs of this sub cultural world as he goes about making his insightful and very personal little film.

Krusty: himself
Kundalini: herself
Thee DJ: himself
Thee Girlfriend:herself

SPECIAL PERFORMANCES by: King Richard Martin, Darren DJ James & Shai Gilad, Ben Mantrix

THEE WITNESSES: Gnarnayarrahe ‘Uncle Joey’ Waitaire, Karen ‘Fluffy’ Walker, Robin ‘Mutoid Waste’ Cooke, Eamon ‘Jungle’ Wyss, Graham ‘Dr Doof’ St John, Matteo ‘Loopus Infabula’ Stroppa, Glen ‘Vesuvius’ Armstrong, Andy ‘Miss Random’ Werner, Bronia Gringold, Rak Razam, Sam 'ToLose La Plot' Pink

SPECIAL APPEARANCES: Siddhartha & Morgana cats, Richard Mantrix
Nick Taylor, Jungle Link-Things, Katrina Wilson

Eugene E-NRG: Writer Producer Director
Eamon Wyss: Associate Producer
Marc C-Scott, Eamon Wyss, Eugene E-NRG: Camera Operators
Katrina Wilsom: Sound Recording
Brad Moore, Joss Wyss: Film Crew
Jacko Gonda: Editor

GRAPHIC IMAGES: Grafreak, Urchin Design, Annoyo Japan, Urs Exodus,, Natures Face
Still Photography: Gnostic Tripper, Oz Doof, Spiral Monk
Visual FX & Animation: Miss Random
Music: Younger Brother, Shpongle, Mantrix

SPECIAL THANX: Gef Senz, Lisa Dethridge, Robin Birch, Marc C-Scott, Silvana Ianello, Mark Luckey, Open Channel, John Barry Group, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tribeadelic, Anoyo Japan, Exodux, Global Village, Melbourne Underground Development, Developing Underground Melbourne, Space Between the Gaps, Psycoroboree, Twisted, Psy Harmonics, Green Ant

To see images from Thee 7th Direction, go to Thee 7th Direction, images.

A Heartfelt Thanx
to everyone involved and for all their help
with the project thus far…