The funeral service staged in the Footscray community Church Hall.
Gus Mercurio & Chantal Conturi, as the ghost couple still in love.
Mark Rafferty as the Nurse on location at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
Roddi the rock star kitten.
Gus Mercurio & Chantal Conturi, a passionate embrace.

The Otherside

the revolving door to the Otherside,
where a marvelous multi-dimensional world resides.
But who has the eyes to see,
this Otherside…

A Short Film from
Eugene E-NRG
Filmed in Melbourne Australia
15:00 min 2010

Based on a true story from the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and set in 2003, the Otherside is a quaint and fantastic voyage into the world of three generations in an Italian family.

Carmello and Vinchenzina are an elderly couple transitioning from old age into death, however it is Roddi the kitten who is best able to understand the quantum leap their souls make as they journey into the afterlife that is the Otherside.

Space Between The Gaps Studios presents…

A film from Eugene E-NRG

Gus Mercurio as Carmello
Chantal Contouri as Vinchenzena
Marianella as Antonia
Ella as Pina
Mark Rafferty as Nurse
Roddy Rodriquez the Kitten
Voice Over Archie Edgar as Kitten
Padminni Sebastion Newsreader
Paul Jennings US President & Australian Prime Minister
Extras Gef Senz, Robin Birch, Frank Shaw, Rosalinda, Katie

Writer Producer Director Eugene E-NRG
Producer Mick Perry
Executive Producer Jason Byrne
Director of Photography Patrick Stone
Editor Marc C-Scott Eugene E-NRG
Animations Titles & Digital FX Adem Jaffers
Digital FX Winfred Kwan
Music Composition & Soundtrack Mix Yvon Mounier / Don Peyote Recordings

Lighting / Gaffer Patrick Stone
Sound Recording Stuart Thorn
Production Design Silvana Ianello
Grip Adam Whannell
Catering Marianella Kundalini
Colour Grade Marc C-Scott Eugene E-NRG

Delibes: Flower Duet courtesy Shockwave-Sound.Com