Tek Know Butoh (short)

Space Between The Gaps Films presents…

A Short Film from
Eugene E-NRG
Filmed in Melbourne Australia



Experimental Dance Film from Eugene E~NRG

Australian Film commission Grant – New Image Research Fund

Tek<Know>Butoh is an experimental film that uses Butoh dance, computer animation and a Techno music sound track to construct a dance narrative. It traces the journey of a Gaijin ‘Thee Alien’ who lands in the modern world on a search for other life. The Gaijin finds the landscape harsh and heartless with occasional moments of beauty. His search leaves him emotionally drained and he descends into despair. At his lowest ebb, he hears the earth cry out. It is dying and no one is listening. In a burst of energy he calls out a message of hope, that becomes a mantra. Some heed the call and together they move out into the world… Questioning… Are you into it or are you out of it?



Directed by Phillip Buckley

Executive Producer … Australian Film Commission

Produced by Eugene E~NRG, Julie Turner

Story and Concept by Eugene E~NRG, Phillip Buckley

Choreographer … Eugene E~NRG

Editor … Sarah Murphy, Deborah Agars

Director of Photography… Gary Gallagher

Lighting … John Laurie

Sound Engineer … Iain Mott

Animation … Tekhead



Gaijin ‘Thee Alien’ … Eugene E~NRG

Dancers … Marianella Kundalini, Silvia Petrice, Mary Salem, Jane LaMotte, Yumi Umiumare, Aroora, Greg Dyson, David Hookerman, Peter Fraser, Julie Turner



Costume … Marianella Kundalini, Julie Turner, Eugene E~NRG, Franchesca Giombanco, Sally A. Peters

Gaia Costume Design … Sally A Peters

Hair Styling & Image Consultancy … The Alchemy Team

Catering … Tracy Henwick

Stills Photographer … Nicholas Hansen



In Order of Appearance

Opening … Iain Mott

Part III … Sheridan

Sea of Souls … Sheridan

Journey of the Ka … Sheridan

Beat Dance … Iain Mott

Gaia Song … Marianella

Mantra for an Open Univese … Eugene E~NRG, Sheridan

Into It Out of It … Eugene E~NRG, Iain Mott


Didjeridu … Eugene E~NRG