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Space Boy

He just wanted to be an astronaut…
But got in over his head.

Space Between The Gaps Films
Space Boy
A Short Film from Eugene E-NRG
Filmed in Melbourne Australia 2010
Recipient of RAW NERVE Initiative funding grant.

A boy’s imagination can lead to great flights of fancy. With a little self-belief – and a collection of old bits and pieces – he can even fly to the moon. But one small step from his parents, can lead to a giant leap into manhood.



Working with 7 yr old SPACE BOY - Lewis Bonney McKenzie.

Old wing Melbourne Psychiatric Hospital.

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Director’s Statement
My writing partner (Ray Edgar) and I set ourselves the task of writing a 1-2 page story with no dialogue. This ultra-compressed approach allows for concise storytelling, low-budget expenditure, and an opportunity to practice the craft without huge pressures, and no dialogue, means focusing on visual storytelling. It also avoids language barriers for international film festivals.

Our aim with Space Boy is to tell a story about a boy, his imagination and coming to grips with the world around him.

The film requires a highly stylised design aesthetic for the conceit of the narrative to work. A major focus will be on achieving the high production values the scenario demands, while keeping within the means of our modest budget.

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Space Boy
Lewis Bonney McKenzie as Space Boy
Mark Campbell as Dad
Alison Bond as Mum
Marcus Tsui as Doctor
Marianella Kundalini as Secretary
Billy Upfield as Elderly Man
Leonie Adams as Elderly Woman
Eugene E-NRG as Bak Pak Man

Writer/Director/Producer - Eugene E-NRG
Producer - Idora Alhabshi
Executive Producer (Open Channel) - Mark Gracie
Line Producer (Open Channel) - Angela Lee
Writer - Ray Edgar
Director of Photography - Lisa Saad
Art Director - Isabel Camacho
Editor - Nick Moore
Sound & Music - Yvon Mounier
Visual FX & Titles - John Power

1st Assistant Director - Idora Alhabshi
Assistant Camera Operator - Luke McDade
Set Design & Construction - Steve Howden
Production Assistant & Runner - Anna Grassham
Catering - Marianella Kundalini
Makup & Hair - Exina Teresa Borjesson
Gaffer - Ian Dart
Directors Assistant - Eamon Weiss
Grip - Rob Hansford
Best Boy - Andrew English, Rhys Sherring, Jeremy Thompson
Fish Wrangler - Billy Mizzy
Sketch Artist - Steven Partridge
Documentary - Shu Shu Zheng, Eeyan Chuah

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