Originally from a Performing Arts, Theatre and Opera background, Dj Kundalini is one of Australia’s longstanding and respected female DJ’s, who has played and occasionally headlined at Festivals / Clubs/ Parties and Benefits both Nationally and Internationally for many years. She is a released Artist on GreenAnt, Mushroom Music and Anoyo Japan.  Kundalini is a versatile and pasionate DJ and visionary Artist, who together with her partner Krusty, has contributed to the development of and been actively involved in Melbourne’s Electronic Dance Music Scene for over 20 years.  Dj Kundalini’s sets are a, lush, heart opening, feminine journey, merging a plathora of genres - from  world music, ethno techno beats, organic harmonies,  psy – chill, electro swing, funky, twisted glitch hop hum and with a splash of postmodern jazz . Kundalini plays from her heart and believes in the power of Music as a frequency that can connect us to our core and each other.



National Events
Earthcore, Hardware, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tribeadelic, Every Picture Tells A Story, NRG, Exodus, Luna Rave, Cyber Trek, Trancelements, Freedom, Remedy, Psychic Harmony, Earth Dance, Landscape, Full Moon, Earthdream, Green Ant, Submerge, The Dawning, Aj Hackett Full Moon Party, Dream Scape, Psycoroboree, Maya, Trance Plant, Feeling Weird, Melbourne International Arts Festival



Epihany, Shiva’s Reign, Ouch, Freebase     


International Performances
Japan, India, Israel, USA, Germany