DJ Krusty

I have been Djing since the school social dances in high school back in ’81. I first got into electronic dance music from the dancefloor experience and then as the music I liked became available on CD I started DJing. I started out in the chillout space at big warehouse events and from there have played the full gamut of experiences and vibes for the punters. Anything from peak mainfloor sets both indoors and outdoors to chique Japanese ambient clubs to dubbed out grooves and chilled beatz on a summers afternoon to lounge classics to country and eastern vinyl sets. I have always enjoyed the opportunity for versatility when creating a vibe for the audience in the sound system space.



National Events

Earthcore, Hardware, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tribeadelic, Every Picture Tells A Story, Cyber Trek, Global Warming, NRG, Exodus, Luna Rave, Trancelements, Freedom, Remedy, Psychic Harmony, Green Ant, Submerge, The Dawning, Earth Dance, Landscape, Psycoroboree, Trance Plant, Feeling Weird, Full Moon, Earthdream, Plus many more warehouse events, private parties, weddings and secret sound system gatherings in the bush.   



Revolver, Epihany, Freebase, Escape, Shiva’s Reign, Kalidoscope, Little Reatas, Wild Life.    



International Performances
Japan, India, Israel, USA, Germany




Kiss FM – Tribe, 3PBS, 3RRR