Garthy Garth Cuts Weight (Doc)


Space Between The Gaps Films presents…

A weekly webisoda series
Eugene E-NRG  Garth Lategan Alex Storer
Filmed in Melbourne Australia

Garthy Garth sets himself a goal and challenge to reach his ideal weight of 84kg. His starting weight is 163.7. Each week Garthy Garth has to loose 1 kg of body weight. If he fails to reach the target set each week he has to go to the Gym on Saturday and make his target weight for the following week. If he fails to do this he has to go to the Gym again on Sunday to make the weight for the following weeks target weight.


The dramatic event of making the target weight each week. The webisode will also showcase comedy style currant affairs type reporting on other story narrative aspects of Garthy Garth's life that impact on this challenge to ‘Cut Weight’. These would be cooking in kitchen, sports and exercise, personal moments etc…

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Garthy Garth Cuts Weight

Produced by Eugene E-NRG, Garth Lategan, Alex Storer

Editor… Alex Storer

Designer Noel Jed S. Ayala, Christopher Lorden Patingo


Garth Lategan as Garthy Garth

Eugene E-NRG\ 



Emily O'Louglhlin